Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First steps towards web programming!

Last sunday,one of my friend asked me
    "Hey azy,which programming language would you prefer for me to enter into the world of web coding????????????"

This question might have been discussed over and over and every discussion boards,forums etc.
Those discussions will never conclude .It goes on and on....
 But to me,there is only one answer and the answer is PHP .
Why are you all surprised,yes I said  P H P.
Let know more about php.


Why should I bore you with stuffs copied from wikipedia and all.
Lets get straight into business.For working with php we need to setup a php environment on our computer.
To setup a php environment click here......

To create dynamic websites,we will also need mysql,apache...
So to setup up all these in your computer ,I prefer you to to install Xampp

You can download latest version of xampp from here...

For other click here....
Finish your installation and enjoy the magic.


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