Friday, February 17, 2012

Why dont you create your own CMS???

The title may seem strange to you.You might be thinking that I am a bit crazy to do so while I can get many.
Why should i bother you to create your own CMS??Am I crazy?????????

"Yeah,thats what I am!!"  
So we can get many content management systems freely from many developers like wordpress,drupal ....etc..The have many features and can be used in various ways to create your own site.These site can range from a simple blogging site to a more complex social networking site like facebook.
One of the main feature of a CMS is its admin interface through which the site admin can do whatever they wish their site to perform.Also they are extendable with modules.The look and feel can be varied with themes.
So simply a CMS are used to build dynamic sites in which content varies from time to time.
Its enough to talk about the merits and demerits (well they dont have many) of a CMS.Lets think about
why can't I create my own CMS???????
Can it be for a good or just a waste of time???
It might be a good way to furnish your base knowledge about web programming.And a better way of understanding the theory behind working of already established CMS.
               Most of the present CMS are based on php and Mysql.So I would prefer you to have a small knowledge about php and Mysql.
Are you SLEEPING??????????
Setup your computer as a server and
Now I think I should take a break.Enjoy learning php and mysql.

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