Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why dont you create your own CMS???--Part 1


Well if you are ready with your base on php and mysql,we can start creating our own CMS.
Lets give our CMS a name - "stupid cms"
The features of our CMS will be

  • It will be based on object oriented programming.
  • it can be extended with module system.
  • Theming will be easy.
  • controlled from a single index page.
  • simple admin interface..etc
Let me remind you that stupid cms is just a cms to learn and will not be highly secure.
This cms might be very very bad for advanced developers,but will be good for beginners.
I am assuming that you have already set up xampp on your computer.
So lets staaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt..........

Stupid cms will be completely based on module system.Even home and admin interface are considered as modules.The default module will be "home"
  • Open htdocs folder in xampp directory.
  • Create a new folder and name it as 'stupid'.
  • Create following folders in stupid directory.
  1. Folders======>>  actions,modules,themes,include,main.
  2. Files========>>  index.php
  • Create a file 'actions.php' in actions folder.
  • The folder 'include' is for class files.
  • Folder 'main' is for configuration,functions files.
So now we can look to the 'main' folder.


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